I decided to embark on a journey of personal development starting with thirty days of journaling. These past few months have been a whirlwind of change and with the opportunity for a fresh start, I wanted to connect with myself and focus on self-love and being true to myself and my heart. Some topics are drawn from quotes, or journal prompts, and some topics from life. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Be prepared…

30 day workout challenge is in full effect. Today will make day 9. It's tough, but I can feel myself getting stronger every day. I'm sleeping in for the moment but will be up and back at it, in a couple of hours. Gotta rest sometimes.

This is where I am. Some days are easier than others. Some days I feel better than others. But knowing what I want out of myself and out of life, I work on my goals every day. Even if it's a small step. Because I know I am one step closer. Plus, life is much sweeter when I'm in my zone or vortex or alignment with who I am and what my soul wants out of life. So may as well work towards that and be ready to recognize it and reach it. Some days the struggle is real, but I am thankful for lessons learned and these lessons are only preparing me for what's to come. So here's to a delicious future, let's get it and let go of the rest.

Looking forward…

Thirty days of journaling done. Actually, this might be day 31. Ha-ay! When I started this journal challenge, I wanted to work on returning to my core, listening to myself, better expressing myself and loving myself and doing the things and spending time with the people that align with that. I've gotten frustrated when I've seemingly gone forward and then had a rough day, but overall, I can feel myself returning to myself and feeling lighter and feeling like I've been able to let go of a lot that has weighed me down.

It's a challenge overcoming years of habits, thoughts and behaviors, so I'm patient with myself, or try to be. But in this last week, so much has started to click in my mind, and I feel so much happier overall and feel a certain joie de vivre that stays with me and I don't just feel in moments and it makes me feel good to know that wherever I am, I have that joy inside of me, that I won't let anyone take from me ever. And I feel more serene, I've always been calm, but working on not caring and not taking things personal, has just made me even more zen. And has led to be me speaking up more at work, and comfortable in stepping up at work and wherever I go. I feel more confident and at the end of the day, I can only do me and not worry about what others think and respect other people doing them. Be and let be.

I think one of the biggest lessons I've learned is starting with loving myself and trusting that any choices I make from that set point will always serve me. And that I must always choose love. And let go of what is not love for me. My next thirty day challenge will include journaling, although, I won't do daily online entries. It will include daily exercise, I already work out, but I will take the next thirty days to not only continue strengthening my soul and mind, but also my strengthening my body, and being my best me in mind, body and soul. I'm looking forward to what is and thankful each and every day for my blessings. And after that, I think I will do thirty days of giving, I will have to figure out what I want that to entail, but I know I want to be of service. Thank you for sharing in this journey.

This quote is from a writing by #nayyirahwaheed

Nap time…

The struggle is real!! I'm exhausted but I feel like I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish today. And I could do more, but sleep is important. Gotta rest. I also think I kept it mostly in the present today and focused on my grind. Feels good. Really good. I'm thankful for today and here's to tomorrow and new adventures.

Don’t think of it as rejection…

I also came across this quote earlier "It's not that you were rejected. It's that your energy is rejecting what is not aligned with the greatest love you can experience at that moment so you can be open to something more." This is a great reminder to not absorb rejection and take it personally, and understand that it really is the opportunity to let go of what is not serving me. Especially when it comes to other people. And I get it now. And more with each day.

Letting it flow and breaking through…

So at work earlier, I was in a meeting that had a speaker, who I had heard during another meeting yesterday, so I was able to kind of check out for a little while and wrote my blog post on paper. I was feeling like my energy was low and I couldn't figure out why and then I was trying to figure out why but that was not helping and making things worse, so then I had to cease and desist trying to figure it out and let it just be. Sometimes energy and moods just ebb and flow in cycles and now I feel chill, so all I had to do was ride it out. So, another lesson in just having acceptance in the moment for where I am and not creating any resistance where there was none.

But last night, I listened to some classical music before bed and Pachebel's Canon in D was playing. It's a song I typically associate with weddings, and I started envisioning my own wedding and thinking about how I would feel at that moment. And how happy I would be. And how I thought that this would almost never happen and then I started crying. In real life. So I guess that moment was a slight breakthrough, I always thought I would get married, but I don't think I really believed it, and yesterday was a moment where I had a breakthrough and believed it. And the tears were a release. I'm really stepping in to this place where I believe that I can have what I want and in fact, I already do, and it's already here, I just need to allow things to unfold and let myself be open to things that are meant for me.

Now…although I was thinking of this wedding in terms of the emotions I'd feel, I do want to add that I can feel those emotions in a beach wedding in Panama. Or a wedding in a castle in Paris. I don't want to limit the universe on this one. Okay, I'll focus on the feelings, lol. Love, passion, security, comfort, simple, delicious, happy, striving, abundance, fun and more.

It’s a good day to have a good day…

I may have slept an hour last night…now, I wasn't tossing or turning or thinking about anything in particular. And even with minimal sleep, I had a really productive Monday at work and a great workout, I even got in some yoga (it was tough, but it felt good). I'm thankful for the day and thankful for this body and everything it accomplished today. I'm thankful for daily learning. I'm thankful for amazing friends and family around me. I'm thankful for feeling love and feeling good. I'm thankful for mini lip sync/dance parties during my morning and afternoon scenic walks (it's a half-mile walk to my parking spot lol). I'm thankful for Maluma, he started my iTunes shuffle off with a bang and kept me in the zone at work. I'm thankful to meet him (gonna try and Law of Attraction it on that point…😂). But I have much to be thankful for in my life and I plan to focus on what I have and appreciate my blessings always.


I can't believe I'm almost to my thirty days in my journaling challenge, but it's been a great challenge so far. Some days better than others, but that's how life goes sometimes. So I've been doing a lot of work in trying to come back to me and working to live life as I am and pursuing what speaks to me most. So I've been working on a project. This morning I was thinking about achieving my goals and when I have been able to do so in the past, what was the magic formula? And it was work, persistence through obstacles, and absolute faith it would work out. So this has guided my day, well, after a late start (gotta sleep in once in a while) and my work on my project. As well as my continuing journey of personal development and knowing I am where I want to be and have what I need and want.

There is a lot running through my mind, less than usual, so progress, lol. But I'm really getting better at moving past the thoughts and feelings that don't serve me, because it's time to keep it moving, and what's happened has happened and it is what it is. So I'm acknowledging my feelings and thoughts in respect to certain situations and people, and letting them go. I had a great night out last night, nothing crazy, but realized, it's not that serious. And I have been dwelling on some things that really in a couple of days, weeks, months will not even matter while I'm living my fabulous life and traveling the globe, or museum (point is, there will be travel somewhere). I feel like a weight was lifted that I had been carrying and didn't realize, so I am excited and renewed. Now it's a late night, so we'll see how I feel when I wake up lol.


So today is a good day, the sun is shining, I'm feeling motivated and was ready to attack the day, after I hit the snooze button about ten times (5 for each of my alarms, so maybe we'll say 5 average). My struggle is real in the mornings, while I love to start my day early, I'm not a big morning person, lol. Anyhow, I've been continuing on this journey and building my personal toolkit and today feeling like this is the day where it all changes from here out. But motivation ebbs and flows, and there are times when I just don't feel the motivation and the temptation to burrow deeper under my sheets is strong. Or I'm frustrated at not making the progress I want and tempted to just say forget it.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I have this lack of propensity to settle, even if it would make my life easier, so giving up is not really an option. And I can be patient, but inevitably I will always reach a point where I say enough is enough and time to do better, or go for what I really want. Or the universe, God, life reaches that point ahead of me and puts up a stop sign in case I was taking my time and getting comfortable in settling when I needed to keep it moving. And it's always a hard stop. Hard. It's okay, or it will be. So, now I'm working on just going for what I want to begin with, if the struggle is going to be real either way, might as well be in pursuit of what it is I truly want and what is meant for me.

But this morning's drive to work was about the word "until." And not giving up until reaching one's goals. And trying until yielding success. And persevering until. It doesn't mean that there won't be ebbs and flows in motivation, that there won't be obstacles and that sometimes you may have to change course to find the way that will work to achieve your goal, but it means keeping your goals in mind and knowing that if not right now, well then in 15 minutes, or an hour or tomorrow, then you get back on your path and go until you reach your destination.