So today is a good day, the sun is shining, I'm feeling motivated and was ready to attack the day, after I hit the snooze button about ten times (5 for each of my alarms, so maybe we'll say 5 average). My struggle is real in the mornings, while I love to start my day early, I'm not a big morning person, lol. Anyhow, I've been continuing on this journey and building my personal toolkit and today feeling like this is the day where it all changes from here out. But motivation ebbs and flows, and there are times when I just don't feel the motivation and the temptation to burrow deeper under my sheets is strong. Or I'm frustrated at not making the progress I want and tempted to just say forget it.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I have this lack of propensity to settle, even if it would make my life easier, so giving up is not really an option. And I can be patient, but inevitably I will always reach a point where I say enough is enough and time to do better, or go for what I really want. Or the universe, God, life reaches that point ahead of me and puts up a stop sign in case I was taking my time and getting comfortable in settling when I needed to keep it moving. And it's always a hard stop. Hard. It's okay, or it will be. So, now I'm working on just going for what I want to begin with, if the struggle is going to be real either way, might as well be in pursuit of what it is I truly want and what is meant for me.

But this morning's drive to work was about the word "until." And not giving up until reaching one's goals. And trying until yielding success. And persevering until. It doesn't mean that there won't be ebbs and flows in motivation, that there won't be obstacles and that sometimes you may have to change course to find the way that will work to achieve your goal, but it means keeping your goals in mind and knowing that if not right now, well then in 15 minutes, or an hour or tomorrow, then you get back on your path and go until you reach your destination.

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