I can't believe I'm almost to my thirty days in my journaling challenge, but it's been a great challenge so far. Some days better than others, but that's how life goes sometimes. So I've been doing a lot of work in trying to come back to me and working to live life as I am and pursuing what speaks to me most. So I've been working on a project. This morning I was thinking about achieving my goals and when I have been able to do so in the past, what was the magic formula? And it was work, persistence through obstacles, and absolute faith it would work out. So this has guided my day, well, after a late start (gotta sleep in once in a while) and my work on my project. As well as my continuing journey of personal development and knowing I am where I want to be and have what I need and want.

There is a lot running through my mind, less than usual, so progress, lol. But I'm really getting better at moving past the thoughts and feelings that don't serve me, because it's time to keep it moving, and what's happened has happened and it is what it is. So I'm acknowledging my feelings and thoughts in respect to certain situations and people, and letting them go. I had a great night out last night, nothing crazy, but realized, it's not that serious. And I have been dwelling on some things that really in a couple of days, weeks, months will not even matter while I'm living my fabulous life and traveling the globe, or museum (point is, there will be travel somewhere). I feel like a weight was lifted that I had been carrying and didn't realize, so I am excited and renewed. Now it's a late night, so we'll see how I feel when I wake up lol.

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