Letting it flow and breaking through…

So at work earlier, I was in a meeting that had a speaker, who I had heard during another meeting yesterday, so I was able to kind of check out for a little while and wrote my blog post on paper. I was feeling like my energy was low and I couldn't figure out why and then I was trying to figure out why but that was not helping and making things worse, so then I had to cease and desist trying to figure it out and let it just be. Sometimes energy and moods just ebb and flow in cycles and now I feel chill, so all I had to do was ride it out. So, another lesson in just having acceptance in the moment for where I am and not creating any resistance where there was none.

But last night, I listened to some classical music before bed and Pachebel's Canon in D was playing. It's a song I typically associate with weddings, and I started envisioning my own wedding and thinking about how I would feel at that moment. And how happy I would be. And how I thought that this would almost never happen and then I started crying. In real life. So I guess that moment was a slight breakthrough, I always thought I would get married, but I don't think I really believed it, and yesterday was a moment where I had a breakthrough and believed it. And the tears were a release. I'm really stepping in to this place where I believe that I can have what I want and in fact, I already do, and it's already here, I just need to allow things to unfold and let myself be open to things that are meant for me.

Now…although I was thinking of this wedding in terms of the emotions I'd feel, I do want to add that I can feel those emotions in a beach wedding in Panama. Or a wedding in a castle in Paris. I don't want to limit the universe on this one. Okay, I'll focus on the feelings, lol. Love, passion, security, comfort, simple, delicious, happy, striving, abundance, fun and more.

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