Looking forward…

Thirty days of journaling done. Actually, this might be day 31. Ha-ay! When I started this journal challenge, I wanted to work on returning to my core, listening to myself, better expressing myself and loving myself and doing the things and spending time with the people that align with that. I've gotten frustrated when I've seemingly gone forward and then had a rough day, but overall, I can feel myself returning to myself and feeling lighter and feeling like I've been able to let go of a lot that has weighed me down.

It's a challenge overcoming years of habits, thoughts and behaviors, so I'm patient with myself, or try to be. But in this last week, so much has started to click in my mind, and I feel so much happier overall and feel a certain joie de vivre that stays with me and I don't just feel in moments and it makes me feel good to know that wherever I am, I have that joy inside of me, that I won't let anyone take from me ever. And I feel more serene, I've always been calm, but working on not caring and not taking things personal, has just made me even more zen. And has led to be me speaking up more at work, and comfortable in stepping up at work and wherever I go. I feel more confident and at the end of the day, I can only do me and not worry about what others think and respect other people doing them. Be and let be.

I think one of the biggest lessons I've learned is starting with loving myself and trusting that any choices I make from that set point will always serve me. And that I must always choose love. And let go of what is not love for me. My next thirty day challenge will include journaling, although, I won't do daily online entries. It will include daily exercise, I already work out, but I will take the next thirty days to not only continue strengthening my soul and mind, but also my strengthening my body, and being my best me in mind, body and soul. I'm looking forward to what is and thankful each and every day for my blessings. And after that, I think I will do thirty days of giving, I will have to figure out what I want that to entail, but I know I want to be of service. Thank you for sharing in this journey.

This quote is from a writing by #nayyirahwaheed

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